Bikesure Sport is a Stand Alone bicycle insurance policy that allows you to insure your bicycle comprehensively world wide, without having to purchase a Home & Contents Insurance policy. Bike insurance made easy!

I want cover for my bike but I don’t need home and contents insurance.

Yes. Bikesure provides you with cover for damage to bikes including whilst in use.

If your bike is less than 2 years old AND you are the original owner your bike should be insured for replacement value (including fixed accessories). If your bike is more than two years old OR you are not the original owner you should nominate a value that represents the current value of the bike (including fixed accessories), taking into consideration the Depreciation formula applicable to claim settlements. Please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full details of How We Settle Claims.

Bikesure Sport provides cover for bikes valued from $1,500 up to $20,000.

Cover is New for Old for the first 2 years under the Bikesure Sport policy if you are the original owner of the insured bicycle. This means you need to insure your bike and accessories for their replacement value.

Any equipment added and fixed to your bicycle which are not part of the manufacturer’s original specifications for your bicycle make, model or series. Excluding riding gear (helmets, shoes, riding clothes etc.)

Yes – if you want them to be insured you must include the fixed accessories in the total sum insured nominated.

These are classed as sporting equipment and are not covered whilst in use.

No. You must be 18 years of age or older to insure your bike under the Bikesure Sport policy.

We understand that you do not always carry a bike lock around with you. However, you are required to take responsibility for your bike. Your bike does not need to be locked if it is in your direct line of sight, however it does need to be securely locked if left unattended.

It is likely that the insurance you have through a membership to a club or association (or for a one off day racing pass) is Personal Accident Cover for yourself and Public Liability Insurance. It is highly unlikely that your bike and accessories will be covered.

Yes. Bikesure Sport includes automatic cover for bikes temporarily removed from the home, New Zealand wide and up to 90 consecutive days anywhere in the world.

No. However, in the event of claim proof of purchase/ownership will be required.

No. Bikes are not covered whist used for any business purpose.

Yes. There are no exclusions in the policy for sponsored riders provided you can prove ownership of the bicycle.

No. Cover is not available for full time Professional Tri-athletes or full time Professional Cyclists or members of an Elite Training Squad.

Bikesure Sport - The standard excess for bikes is $300 or $500 for damage to a carbon frame or damage caused whilst racing (each and every claim).

Yes. Bikesure Sport provides cover for each bike individually listed on your policy.

Bikesure Sport provides cover for Road Bikes, Time Trial Bikes and Mountain Bikes only.

Yes. Provided the bike is in an enclosed boot or securely locked to the car roof rack or bike rack.

The Bikesure Sport policy does not include legal liability cover.

No. Bikesure Sport does not cover any personal injury sustained by you or injury you cause to another person.

No. Bikesure Sport does not include Public Liability cover.

Yes. Bikesure provides cover for damage to your bike whilst racing

No. Racing cover is included as part of the Bikesure Sport cover.

Racing cover is automatically included under Bikesure Sport.

Yes. You can cancel your insurance policy before the expiry date and may receive a refund. Cancellation fees may apply and you should consult your Insurance Company for details.

Yes. You can amend your policy at any stage. You just need to contact Bikesure. Please note, certain changes/additions may affect your premium.

You can pay your Insurance monthly. Additional charges apply.

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